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Booking a Hotel? Here’s What to Bring

Booking a Hotel? Here's What to Bring

Are you planning a holiday? Booking a hotel for the same? If you answered yes, then certainly you would like to bring many things along with you to avoid missing the comfort of your home. However, carrying everything (that is not needed)  in a suitcase is a bad idea, of course. Recognizing the problem of many travellers, here we have come up with various tips to help you find what to bring when booking a hotel for your next getaway. Let’s start.

Hotel Room Travel Essentials: What to Bring on Your Holiday


No one would like to fall sick during a trip, but you never know what happens. So, it is best to be on the safer side rather than to be sorry. You are suggested to keep the necessary medicines with you. Also, if you have some health condition, do pack medicines for the same. You might not get the needed medicines during your travel in urgency.


When travelling, always have your phone, tablet, laptop, etc. charged. These items are more useful when they are charged because you never know when you will need them. It’s always a good idea for security concerns as well. Avoid letting your phone battery run out when you are travelling. Always have a portable charger with you.

Sanitiser or Antibacterial Wipes

Another must-have thing to bring to a hotel is sanitiser or antibacterial wipes. Although many hotels now have started giving their guests a complimentary bottle of sanitiser, it is best to carry your own, just in case they don’t provide it. As soon as you check in and enter your room, be sure to sanitize your hands and clean the light switches, nightstands, and TV remote. These are breeding places that give rise to germs and the housekeeping staff frequently neglects to clean them. So, why take a risk?

Shampoo or Body Wash

If you are very particular about your skin and hair health then better you take your daily use items along. You might not get the same brand when it comes to toiletries. Moreover, the items provided by hotels are often cheap and harsh. They may dry out your skin and hair. Thus, we hope you won’t throw caution to the wind.


Keep your feet soft, clean, and free of any unpleasant hotel carpet or tile. We are not sure how often hotel floors are deep cleaned, aside from a quick vacuuming. Pack some fuzzy socks or indoor slippers for use inside the room as an added precaution. Although hotels occasionally provide slippers, make sure to check the closet. Better to bring one, just in case they don’t.

The Fragrance of Your Choice

Bring a familiar scent, however, that might be for you. Hotels and other places of lodging frequently have strange odours, whether that is due to the previous occupant’s level of personal hygiene, the decisions made by housekeeping, or a larger hotel brand, which is into signature scents that can become a touch overpowering. “If I have to share my personal experience, I frequently place a few sprigs of fresh rosemary from the bush in my yard along with a damp piece of paper towel to keep it fresh because I adore the aroma.” Lavender and mint grow nicely here as well, but for biosecurity purposes, stay away from taking anything alive across the border.

That’s All for Now!

We hope you find these tips useful and that they make your upcoming vacation as comfortable as possible when booking a hotel. If you’re looking for additional suggestions for making a hotel stay feel like home or if you have any of your own, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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