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Explore The Bakersfield Museum Trail


What is the Bakersfield Museum trail?

According to a news release from Visit Bakersfield’s David Lyman, “The Bakersfield Museum Trail is a unique initiative that shows a collaborative approach among Bakersfield’s museum partners.” “The museums are cooperating to raise the size of the pie, rather than each one competing for a bigger piece of it.”

The Bakersfield museum trail consists of four museums 15 miles apart from each other. These four Museums include- the Kern County Museum, The California Living Museum, the Buena Vista Museum of Natural History and science, and the Bakersfield Museum of Art.

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Let’s get into the details of all four one by one:

Four Museums Included in Bakersfield Museum Trail

Bakersfield Museum of Art

It is devoted to involving, motivating, and fostering community via the arts and is one of Bakersfield’s greatest cultural institutions. In its 60-year history, it has given Bakersfield and the areas around it excellent exhibits and distinctive educational opportunities in the visual arts.

The only museum recognized by the American Alliance of Museums is located in Bakersfield. Take in internationally famous exhibitions there or unwind in the lovely sculpture garden.

Buena Vista Museum

This one-of-a-kind museum houses a top-notch collection of rare Miocene fossils (14–16 million years old), which were discovered in the foothills of Bakersfield.

It offers entertaining and instructive activities for visitors of all ages. A sizable collection of animal mounts from Africa, Asia, and North America, replicas of dinosaurs, fossils, and Native American Lifeways. A life-size Interpretive family residential area with relics, paintings, and baskets, is further displayed.

Explore the Oh! Zone and Explore-it Zone engaging hands-on zones for kids, as well as a geology section featuring jewels, minerals, petrified wood, and fluorescent rocks (but have something for all ages to enjoy)The closest hotel to this museum is the Duniya hotel. In my opinion, this is the best hotel in Kern County because I stayed many times in this hotel.

California Living Museum

The best native zoo and garden in California is located here. In the Bakersfield Californian’s Readers Poll, the stunning Holiday Lights, with more than three million lights, are consistently awarded “Best Family Attraction” and “Best Annual Event.”

The 250+ animals at CALM include many non-releasable creatures. Some have physical limitations that prevent them from surviving in the wild, while others have grown reliant on people as a result of being abandoned there.

Experience the $2 million, award-winning “Cats of California” exhibit, which features mountain lions and bobcats, as well as the joint breeding program for desert bighorn sheep.

Kern County Museum

At the Kern County Museum, stroll through time! On 16 beautifully landscaped acres, thousands of historical and cultural treasures are on display in more than 56 old structures.

A one-room school, a general store, a jail, an oil derrick, seven historic homes, a top-notch oil museum, and a children’s museum are all included in your trip!

The Kern County Museum is a handy and central place where visitors may learn about California’s rich legacy, which spans from the Gold Rush to modern-day oil production.


The Bakersfield Museum Trail aims to publicize nearby institutions and increase visitors. In a news statement, Visit Bakersfield also expressed their optimism that this novel strategy will increase the visibility of the city’s museums.

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