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Hotel Vs Inn: Where to Stay in Bakersfield


When it comes to staying, Bakersfield has plenty of the best hotels and Inns. But the question that may encounter your head is where to go? Hotel or Inn. Even though these two terms are used most frequently in the hospitality industry, there is a little confusion between them. Although the terms hotel and Inn are used interchangeably, still there exist some noticeable differences. Regardless of whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, it’s a good idea to be fully informed about the lodgings you book. This article will provide all the information you need to clear up any ambiguity about these everyday terms.

Hotel Vs Inn: Brief Description

A hotel is typically thought of as a place in the center of town that provides lodging and a wide range of amenities. An inn, in contrast, would be smaller that provide lodging and cuisine in the countryside and highways. If you are looking for the best hotel in Bakersfield or the best Inn in Bakersfield, first clear the misconceptions between hotel and Inn. Let’s get into the details of this discussion.

What is an Inn?

An inn is an establishment or place where tourists can find lodging, food, and beverages. Inns are typically found anywhere in the country, notably along main highways. Inns typically cost less than hotels. They are, therefore, regarded as being less opulent. Most inns lack star ratings, with the exception of travel websites. Room services and other luxurious amenities are hardly found at inns as compared to hotels.

What is a Hotel?

A hotel is a building that offers paid accommodations with a variety of amenities. Bakersfield is a perfect place that has a plethora of such types of accommodations. The majority of hotels provide long-term services, making them appropriate for both short-term and long-term stays. The hotels differ from Inns in terms of architecture, size, and amenities. By looking at the star rating and reviews you can determine the quality of services offered by a particular hotel. The majority of hotels have the same layout, with the reception on the ground floor and the lodging services on the upper floors, and so on. Mostly, the best hotels in Bakersfield are located near business districts, sports venues, tourist destinations, and downtown areas.

History of Hotel and Inn

In 1765, the term ‘hotel’ was first used. It originated from a French term that means giving lodging, food, drinks, and other amenities to visitors and businessmen. However, the term ‘inn’ wasn’t initially used in 1925. It was originally used to refer to a place or a structure that offers some of the services that hotels do, but not all of them.

Hotels vs Inn: Architecture

The layout and construction of hotels and inns differ. For instance, the majority of hotels have many floors and hundreds of rooms. In addition, they include internal corridors, elevators, and staircases that lead guests to their designated rooms. The majority of real inns will be one to three stories and the rooms will be highly accessible to visitors. Since the structure will be considerably smaller overall than a hotel, there won’t be as many stairs to climb or elevators to use as there would be in a hotel.


The staff employed by hotels and inns may differ. For instance, hotels may have bellhops, concierges, and receptionists who assist guests with carrying luggage to their designated rooms. Additionally, the number of housekeepers, chefs, elevator operators, concierges, and parking valets is more. Conventional inns, however, do not operate in this manner. Compared to what is typical for a hotel, most inns have a smaller-than-average workforce.

Hotel vs Inn: Amenities and Services

Compared to inns, hotels often provide a wider variety of amenities & services. There are also laundry facilities, a variety of entertainment alternatives, swimming pools, spa services, and gym equipment. Additionally, it’s not unusual for certain reputable hotels to provide casinos and theatres. Inns, on the other hand, offer fewer essential services. Few of them have swimming pools or offer a complimentary light meal.

Bottom Line

We hope readers! You are clear with hotel vs inn. These terms are frequently used nowadays. In the modern world, it is relatively simple to tell whether an inn is just a name or more than that. When an establishment is peaceful and resembles a ‘bed and breakfast’, you can be sure that you are dealing with an authentic inn. A hotel is an establishment having a central location, a huge building (or several buildings), a sizable staff, a large number of rooms, and a wealth of services. How did you find the post, do share your experience with us? And, also let us know whether you would be booking a hotel or inn for your next getaway.

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