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How do Hoteliers Leverage Technology to Improve Guest Experience?


We live in a technology-driven world and it has become an integral part of the hospitality industry as well. Today, the hotel industry is incredibly competitive. Hoteliers bait travelers who are looking for a luxury yet feel-like home experience in the Best hotel in Kern Country. They are running in the rat race to provide the best experience to their guest so that they become their loyal visitors.

Undoubtedly, digital transformation plays a key role when it comes to the guest experience. It creates an impressive perception of your brand. This is the reason why hotels today are scrambling to boost the guest experience.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to leverage technology and enhance guest experience regardless of the hotel size. Today, in this guide, we will be discussing different effective yet smart hacks on how to cater to your valued guests:

Make online room booking a priority

Gone are the days when we use to look for a contact number from the directory and then call the  Best hotel in Kern Country for booking. Online booking hotels exceed $174 million across the globe in 2022. As technology continues to advance, this number is expected to increase.

If the guests are doubtful regarding their booking decision, it is always advisable to provide them with a glimpse of the experience they will have during their stay. This can be done by displaying beautiful pictures of the hotel rooms, in-premises restaurants, swimming pools, and the rest of the properties. Also, describe all the amenities that your hotel will be provided to the guest.

Regardless of the type of device they use for booking, it is mandatory that you create a responsive website for your hotel so that they have a seamless booking experience.

In addition to this, there has to be a cancellation policy for the convenience of the guests so that if there are any changes in their schedule, they can cancel the booking.

Share updates on video walls

Hotels can share their updates innovatively. The guests can get notifications in the elevator.  Anyone can print the current weather report or share traffic updates regarding a particular day. They can also notify if there is a major holiday or festival in town. This can be done via video walls. This type of information when shared with the guest makes them feel valued and helps the overall guest experience.

Creative restaurant menu

Many hotels are already creative when it comes to showing photos as restaurant menu items. Also, mention the special offered downstairs or for room service. It is important to promote discounts and combo offers so that your visitors get attracted to the offers.

Allowing self-check-In

Have you heard about contactless check-in? This is an amazing technology that quickly gains momentum in the hotel industry. There is no waiting time once they reach the hotel. They should reach their destination and have access to their respective rooms via their mobile devices. Make them feel that they have made the right decision in choosing your hotel.

This works almost similarly to online movie tickets. When you book your movie tickets online and then reach the movie hall, you simply swipe the digital bar code and know where to sit.

A stress-free check-in offers a huge relief. It can change the entire tone of a visit. As all guests are so tired during the travel, they want to just relax in the first place.

Not only this, self-check-ins decrease the workload of your front desk staff. They can provide the best hospitality when they are focused. Whether it is an off-season or peak season, they will be seamless with the complete process regardless of the number of guests. This will also restrict them from booking rooms when many guests trying to check in all at once.

Upgrading your Hotel with High-Tech Amenities

When the guests finally check in their respective rooms, it is high time to boast your hotel amenities. The best way is to provide them with free Wi-Fi. As per a survey, 70% feel secure with a good internet connection because they have to look for nearby locations, upload vacation pictures, attend business meetings, and more.

Other technologies include a state-of-the-art HVAC system. This boosts the air quality of the place and keeps the foul smell away. Keep playing amazing songs as it gives a serene atmosphere. The other common amenities include:

  1. Smart TV
  2. Bathroom Supplies
  3. Swimming Pool
  4. Jacuzzi
  5. CLoset
  6. Air conditioning
  7. Bar
  8. Restaurant
  9. Coffee/Tea Maker
  10. Optional mini bar or refrigerator
  11. Hi-tech gym

All this helps them feel, you care about your guest.

Note: Post covid there has been a rapid increase in virtual events. This requires a strong internet connection and more modern digital communication tools. So, it is important that your hotel keep itself updated with all the required amenities.

Feedback to Improve Guest Experience

The best way to know what your guests feel about you is to take their feedback. This will also help you to know about the weaknesses of your hotel and improve upon them.

If you want to make customers feel that you genuinely feel about them, solicit feedback from them. You can use Google surveys and other advanced survey tools to know what your customers feel about you. Ask your guest to put up a Google My Business Review if they have enjoyed their stay at your hotel. This will help you in the long run as others rely on your hotel if you have a good rating on GMB.

This is a great way to get more straightforward and valuable criticisms from your customers.

Make sure you have social media account on all platforms. But having accounts doesn’t mean you keep sharing random posts. We recommend you either hire a reputed SMM team and let them handle your social media. Also, ask them to maintain a monthly calendar so that they have a plan in place.

You should have a responsive hotel website as well. All this helps you grab organic traffic and required information from the guest. When they notice that you take their feedback seriously, it gives a good impression of your business.

Personalizing Hotel Guest Experience with Technology

In a hotel, it is always impressive when you personalize experiences for their guests.

Don’t feel technology makes everything less personal. When you use it in the right manner, you can create a unique experience. You have more customization options while streamlining your booking and check-in processes

The first thing you can do is send them a personalized welcome message on their Whatsapp and also their SMS. You can also have any instant messaging platform live chatbots or human service chats that help your guests to communicate with you directly.

Your hotels’ operations can be improved using advanced technology> Focussing on small things will help you reach the pinnacle of success!

Enhance the guest experience rightaway!

Using technology is only the tip of the iceberg that helps in enhancing the overall guest experience of the guests. There is a long list of how you can enhance the guest experience at your hotel thereby playing with their five senses. This will help grab their attention and they will always rely on your hotel blindly whenever they look for the Best hotel in Kern Country.

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