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How Hoteliers Make Valentine’s Day Extra Special in Bakersfield


There are a lot of romantic events on Valentine’s day. It might be something fun like learning how to cook from a chef, or it can be a romantic candlelight dinner. Bakersfield is undoubtedly a town that every couple loves to visit. However, on valentine’s day eve, it is quite busy. So, visitors have to act now if they want to make Valentine’s day extra special.

14th Feb is around the corner, and all the best hotels in Bakersfield California are fully prepared to celebrate this event. They make special arrangements for couples on this day as it maximizes their revenue also.LOL

Bakersfield romantic hotels ensure a wonderful trip on Valentine’s day for couples. The classy hotels with stunning views, outstanding room service, and a romantic atmosphere are found there. There are a lot of options, including large cities and coastal locations where love birds can spend time.

Valentine’s Day offers hotels the ideal chance to come up with innovative ways to entice groups of friends and couples from near and far during the entire month of FebruaryHere are a few ways how hotels make Valentine’s Day extra special and make the most out of this day.

Follow these ways to make Valentine’s Day special.

  1. Provide Attractive Packages

    Visitors are searching for unique ways to commemorate Valentine’s Day with the special one. Hotels offer packages designed specifically for the event giving a touch of luxury that is frequently connected with the holiday. While traditional elements like Champagne and chocolate will never go out of style, you don’t have to stick with the traditional options. Visitors should ask to set up everything for a cozy picnic for them. Or plan a memorable date night (consider horse-drawn carriage rides, wine tastings, etc.)? In this way, more bookings will come and guests’ loyalty will grow.

  2. Take Advantage of the Opportunity to Upsell

    Valentine’s day gives a chance to upsell that hoteliers shouldn’t be missed. The guests are eager to splash out because they want to make the occasion extraordinary. Offer extras once reservations are made, such as a couples massage, a hotel room upgrade, or a lovely bottle of wine. They can improve their guests’ experience with these upsells.

  3. Organize an Event

    Hotels can host valentines day events at their property to make the most of the day. They can gain excellent publicity with this. Provide appetizing eatables and beverages, and perhaps increase overnight bookings. Couples find it interesting and they can also surprise their partners by celebrating there. However, hotels have to promote locally and include tickets in Valentine’s Day packages.

  4. Share Joy on Social Media

    Whether couples or hotels, social media is such a platform where everyone should reach to showcase their happiness. Therefore, post every moment of joy on social media. Both hotels and visitors benefit from it. For hotels, their sale increase, and visitors can highlight their romance. The the best hotels in Bakersfield California are active on social media. If you want to take any information regarding events you can follow their social media platforms.

    It’s a Wrap!

    So readers! Spend your valentine’s day in Bakersfield this year. Valentine’s Day is a day that is for everyone, not just couples who want to treat their better half to a special dinner. On this day, you can express your love for a friend or a member of your family. Yes, Valentine’s Day tends to be a day where couples are at the center, but why not share the love even more?

    Love is in the air! Head out and spread the love this valentine’s.

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