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Outdoor Activities in Bakersfield, CA: Places to Explore

Outdoor Activities in Bakersfield, CA

Traveling to Bakersfield is a life-changing experience and living there is relatively inexpensive. Everything is available within your budget. Whether you want to buy a home or go for traveling purposes everything is reasonable. When you travel to the golden state and are worried about your stay in the best hotel in Bakersfield at an affordable price then leave your worries at home and travel freely.

Bakersfield is situated in the middle of several crossroads, whether you’re heading from the Bay Area to LA or from the Central Coast to Las Vegas. But, this oil and agricultural town has a lot to offer on its own.

It is a representation of the genuine American heartland. It is home to the country music venue Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace, numerous mom-and-pop eateries serving traditional cuisines, and some outstanding museums.

So, book a room in Duniya hotel- Bakersfield’s best cheap and budget hotel for a relaxing and luxurious stay.

Why Duniya Hotel?

The hotel industry has undergone some substantial changes in the last 20 years. When boutique and lifestyle hotels proliferated, the norms that travelers had come to expect from hotels progressively evolved. Bigger chains have acted to meet the needs and desires of their customers by providing them with experiences that are well-tailored, memorable, and usually engaging.

Duniya hotel is such an establishment that continuously works hard to satisfy its guests. When we inquire about the opinions of guests at this opulent hotel, they have a lot to say. They get top-notch amenities. They said when they enter the hotel they receive a warm and welcoming smile. Although this hotel is the best hotel in Bakersfield at an affordable price it does not compromise on quality.

Moreover, the area around the hotel is full of interesting attractions to see, including the Buck Owens Crystal Palace, the Kern County Museum, the Buena Vista Museum, and many more.

Let’s get into the details of these attractions one by one

  • Buck Ownes Crystal Palace

The first place that attracts visitors near Duniya hotel is the Buck Owens Crystal Palace. It is still rocking out the Bakersfield Sound. The combination of restaurant, museum, and music venue highlights country music’s legacy, diversity, and long history of country music.

  • Kern County Museum

The Kern County Museum’s goal is to share the history of this unique part of California. The Kern County Museum provides interpretive experiences by using historical items to tell significant stories about life in Kern County. The museum provides guests of all ages with an engaging learning environment and emphasizes the region’s unique significance in shaping California’s and the nation’s history.

  • Buena Vista Museum

A collection of Miocene-era fossils is kept at BVM (14-15 million years ago). In BVM, visitors can view a spectacular collection of fossils from various periods in Earth’s history. They include artifacts from the Paleozoic era, Jurassic and Cretaceous dinosaurs, and Pleistocene ice age creatures. On the top floor of the BVM, there are displays of petrified wood, rocks, and minerals.

  • Bakersfield Ice Sports Center

The Bakersfield Ice Sports Center is a year-round indoor ice rink located in Bakersfield, California. The structure was completed in 2003. There is a standard-sized ice hockey rink with 500 seats. There are also snack bars and restrooms available. It is used for special needs hockey, adult, youth, high school, and college hockey, open skating, and ice skating education. The Bakersfield Jr. Condors, formerly the Bakersfield Dragons, Kern County Knights, and Bakersfield Oilers ASHA squad, use it as their primary home venue.

Summing Up

We hope that this blog gave you a peek at the glorious American Dream. The list above is simply the tip of the iceberg when you take into account the number of places you might travel to in Califonia, USA.

Whether you’re a traveler looking for Bakersfield’s best budget hotel or an aspirant hotelier exploring your options, the enormous hotel sector has something to offer everyone. In my opinion, Duniya hotel is the best hotel in Bakersfield at an affordable price.

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