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The Best Italian Food Restaurant in Bakersfield


Italy is a place that offers warmth, art, music, architecture, history, and certainly the most delicious cuisines. The amazing place is well known for its delicious delicacies and authentic taste across the globe.

You aren’t aware of pizza, lasagne, spaghetti, or gelato? These are just a few of the foods that were born in Italy but are now part of the whole world. The diverse range of dishes means you always have something new to try when you crave Italian food restaurant in bakersfield. Most Italian food items have an authentic taste as they are traditional and have been prepared for hundreds of years.

When you travel to Bakersfield, you find it challenging to look for a restaurant that offers Italian cuisine. Duniya Hotel is best hotel in Bakersfield California that has an on-premises restaurant offering the best Italian cuisines to its guest. However, you can also taste the delicious food even if you are not staying in the hotel.


Let’s start this article with everyone’s favorite-Pizza. Across the globe, pizza is served as a flatbread with certain toppings. It tops the list when it comes to popularity charts. Every Italian restaurant has a chef who adds his own ingredients to make it look and taste absolutely amazing. It is made of flour, brewer yeast, salt, and different toppings as per preference.

The versions have evolved over the years but it was originally created in Napels (southern Italy) and called the Neapolitan pizza. This was at the end of the 18th century in honor of the Queen of Italy, Margherita di Savoia. At that time, it was baked in a wood-fired oven. However, everything has changed as time has evolved.


Loved for tall cypress trees and endless rolling hills, Tuscany is known for many popular dishes one of which is Ribollita. This Italian dish is a filling soup that is certainly a comfort food. Reboil was earlier cooked by peasants who collected scraps of bread soaked with meat juices from luxurious feasts.

Then this bread became a part of the seasoned broth with black cabbage and cannellini beans. Lastly, it used to be topped with leftovers and then was finally served. You will be surprised to know that this bread is unsalted.  This means it perfectly pairs up with salty food.


Risotto is a rice-based dish that is prepared in different ways as per preference. Few love it creamy being rich in cheese while others prefer it a little dry. It is traditionally called Risotto Alla Milanese as it got originated in Milan.

Northern Italy had the best conditions to grow rice, therefore it turned out to be the ideal ingredient for local dishes. What makes Risotto Alla Milanese different from the rest of the Italian cuisines is the few strands of saffron that are sprinkled on the top as you get amazing aromas.


This is the salted cod that is dried. It was common since ancient times when fishes were found in abundance. Baccala is another popular Italian dish that you can enjoy at the best Italian restaurant in Bakersfield This delicacy is prepared with regional variations and is usually the center of attraction, especially during the Christmas feast. The chefs soak the cod and wash off the salt before cooking. This gives a unique flavor and seasoning to the dish.


One of the best Italian cuisines is pasta which is accompanied by Bolognese sauce. Bologna is a place which is one of the most perfect places to have the best kitchens. The sauce originated from Bologna and is inclusive of carrot, celery, and onion. In addition, finely chopped beef is added, as tomato puree, and small portions of pork.

Spaghetti alle vongole

Another very popular Italian dish loved across the globe is pasta. Originating in Sicily, it soon become popular in other parts of Italy like Naples and Imperia.

Pasta also known as Spaghetti is best paired with alle vongole . This dish brings the flavors of the sea. This finger-licking dish is served at the Duniya Hotel the best Italian restaurant in Bakersfield with olive oil, garlic, and parsley. Firstly, the pasta is cooked on low flame and then lightly steamed. Both of them are then paired together so that they give your tastebuds the best flavors.


Gnocchi is another Italian dish that is served with a sauce. It has completely different ingredients than you may probably imagine. The dumplings consist of potatoes that are exclusively grown in the cooler places of northern Italy. It has a bit of flour that shapes the mounds and different variants where eggs as in a binder in the overall dish. Other versions include pumpkin, spinach, corn flour, semolina, etc.

Try Italian food at the best Bakersfield restaurant

Whether you have booked your room at Bakersfield or you are a localite of Bakersfield, the restaurant is worth visiting as Duniya Hotel is one of the best hotels in Bakersfield and offers not only the best Italian food restaurant in bakersfield but also Indian, American, and Mexican dishes of your choice. We hope you have a great vacation and enjoy yummy delicacies.

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