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The Best Parks and Nature Reserves in Bakersfield

Parks and Nature Reserves in Bakersfield

There are many public parks in Bakersfield, a city in the San Joaquin Valley in Central California. Large shade trees and splash pads are available at these public locations to provide green space and sun protection. They also offer a great natural setting for escaping developed and bustling neighborhoods.

The city maintains more than 60 parks, which range from expansive campuses with lakes and disc golf courses to linear parks along a hill. Large playground apparatus, outdoor amphitheaters, and connectivity to the Kern River Parkway Trail are among additional noteworthy park amenities.

Hart Park, a smaller area of the larger Kern River County Park, is one of the best parks in Bakersfield. The largest crowds gather in this enormous public space, which is Bakersfield’s crowning natural environment.

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With our guide to the best parks in Bakersfield, you can take advantage of the region’s bright weather predictions.

Best Parks and Reserves in Bakersfield

  • Hart Park

The iconic Hart Park in Bakersfield is one of Kern County’s oldest parks. It is a 15-minute drive northeast of the city center. The Alfred Harrell Highway’s gorgeous section is where you’ll drive the last few miles to the park.

The 370-acre Hart Park is located between the Sierra Nevada foothills. Ample picnic areas and other noteworthy natural features, such as Hart Park Lake, are located on either side of the Kern River, which flows through the park. In this location, amenities like picnic tables and strolling paths promote leisure time.

  • The Park at River Walk

This city’s west-side public park is a stunning illustration of urban engineering. It was long ago protected from commercial expansion and is located behind a popular shopping mall. For many years, it was largely inaccessible, but it is now one of the most well-liked and beautiful public parks in the city.

The Bright House Networks Amphitheatre is the park’s greatest attention. Throughout the year, concerts and community events are held at this striking outdoor arena. It hosts events with thousands of attendees and features cutting-edge lighting and sound technology.

  • Beach Park

One of Bakersfield’s parks with the maximum visibility is Beach Park. It’s near the Golden State Highway at the crossroads of 24th and Oak Street (California State Route 99). Due to its visibility, people frequently gather at the park when the weather is favorable.

Beach Park’s proximity to Duniya hotel, the best hotel in Bakersfield makes it a common place for visitors.

Beach Park has a big lawn area with a variety of amenities like play areas, picnic pavilions, and a massive bocce ball complex. The playground is huge and has many classic and contemporary attractions, including slides and climbable structures. At the northwest section of the park is a well-known skate park.

  • Kern River Parkway Trail

Through Bakersfield, the Kern River Trail expands approximately 30 miles, connecting a number of open spaces. By the time it reaches the city, the Kern River, a drainage for the Sierra Nevada Mountains, is frequently dry. The route follows the banks of this river. Even in this dry riparian corridor, there are several plants and animal sounds in the area around the trail.

The trail begins and ends in the city’s most isolated areas. The eastern terminus is at the Kern River Oil Field, one of the largest such operations in California. The Kern County Raceway park is far from the western terminus. Both ends of the trail offer parking lots with restrooms.

Summing Up

The city of Bakersfield offers a lot to see and do. But parks are one of the top attractions. In this post, we have covered just a handful of the best parks in Bakersfield, it has plenty of them.

Moreover, these parks are located in the proximity of the city. So, you should not bother about your accommodations. Just visit Bakersfield and check in at our hotel which is considered the best hotel in Bakersfield according to visitors.

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